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Areola Pigmentation

Areola [re]pigmentation is often the final step after breast reconstruction. Also known as micropigmentation or “permanent make-up,” it can also be done to conceal a scar or cosmetically enhance your nipples. For breast cancer patients, this procedure can drastically reduce the appearance of surgery scars. Repigmentation of the areolas and nipples can be created without there actually being a grafted areola and nipple. This procedure is also a great option for those who are not happy with the size and color of their natural nipple and areola area.

– Knoxville Dermatology Group – SkinSchool™ Glossary

Tattooing can produce a natural looking areola on reconstructed or augmented breasts.  A standout defining technique used by Kathy is her ability to create a soft feathered edge on each areola.  Only an experienced master can achieve this natural result.  So many technician’s areolas end up with a hard, stamped out, odd or unnatural colored nipple.

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