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“I was super self-conscious and anxiety ridden about the hypopigmentation scars (white spots) on my back (and surrounding areas) for many years. My spots have limited me from wearing open back clothing or any tops that do not cover my neckline and upper back. To say I have been devastated would be an understatement. I have been beside myself and have felt like a prisoner in my own skin. Unfortunately, I got a bacterial infection from my old gym’s steam room. After the infection healed I was left with white spots/scars on my neck, neckline, upper back and the side of my arms. My life was never the same.

I attempted to fix the spots with micropigmentation at least three times. I spent over $5,300(not including the cost of therapy to deal with my emotional scars) desperately trying to camouflage the scars on my back and surrounding areas. At first the color looked decent, but it would soon fade and I would be left again with white spots. Each artist attempted to implant the color again-sometimes again and again AND AGAIN, to no avail. I literally gave up hope. I stopped trying to fix the scars and I was not willing to spend another penny. I even emailed the President of a permanent make up association and she suggested I do not implant color in my scars because it would not look natural and it will simply fade and leave me with weird colors on my back.

Years passed and I decided to Google permanent make up artists in my area of Playa Vista. I came upon Kathy Confer’s website. When I read her website I knew she was my gal! Not only is she an artist (she touches up old paintings and has done professional make up on set in Hollywood) she said her favorite thing to do is camouflage!!! PERFECT! As soon as I contacted her it was obvious she was confident and excited about helping me.

When I went to meet Kathy at her office in Playa del Rey I was shocked how calm, cool and collected she was when she saw my scars. She did not flinch. Kathy said not only could she help me, but she would charge me a nominal fee. I was so excited and grateful. She exuded confidence and explained to me she had many years of experience. Kathy was kind and generous enough to offer me a steal of a deal. I wasted no time and we began our journey together.

After my first treatment I could see a huge difference compared to the other artists’ work. Her technique was unique, the needles were different and her level of expertise was unmatched. Kathy never once told me she could not help me. Simply hearing those words helped ease my mind. There was an obvious improvement compared to past camouflage work I have had done. Kathy has done a number of treatments on my back(and surrounding areas) and with each session there is an improvement. It is a long process, but well worth the time and energy spent going to have the tattooing done.

I work in the entertainment industry and I am currently on set right now as I write this review. I am wearing a bikini with a back revealing sundress. I would NEVER wear this unless of course I was on the beach or at a pool, but even then I would wear my hair down to cover my spots. My hair is in two braids and my back is revealed. I would have NEVER submitted for this job that required more revealing clothing before Kathy worked on my back. NO WAY JOSE!!! Like I said, my life felt limited before I met Kathy.

Kathy is not done with my back yet, but the difference is night and day. I walked around set with confidence and no one noticed anything unusual about my back. It makes me cry thinking about it, actually! I look forward to the final product. Kathy is the consummate professional. She has the expertise required to fix anything and she does it with compassion and confidence. She is a pleasure to work with and I do not hesitate to recommend her for any permanent make up needs, particularly camouflage.

I am also having Kathy fix the permanent make up on my lips. This is “a whole other Oprah!” UGH. I simply wanted a “I just sucked on a cherry popsicle” stain on my lips. However, after three color changes, a lot of discomfort and a lot of money, the original artist just could not give me the look I wanted. In fact, she ignored my last email because apparently, she was out of ammunition to deal with my uneven, splotchy lips. After I saw the progress Kathy made on my back, I decided to let Kathy fix my lips. I told her clearly, “I highly doubt you will be able to get the lower lip to saturate and hold color or change the color much at all. The other artist attempted to implant color MANY times to no avail on the lower lip.” Kathy reminded me that no one could help me with my back and that there was hope. Oh yes, hope!

After the first lip treatment I already see more saturation on the lower lip and a change in the general color. The white spots on my lower lip are less obvious and that was only her first attempt to fix my lips! My back and lips are definitely a work in progress, but I am thrilled with the results so far. Kathy is the go to “fix it queen” for any permanent make up mishaps or general needs! She is kind, hard working, talented and extremely determined to get the job done right! I highly recommend Kathy Confer for permanent make up, especially camouflage and fixing other people’s not so perfect work!!!”

A grateful client who had scar camouflage procedures – her letter:

“Dearest Kathy, I have never, until now, looked in the mirror and not seen scars. Your work is UNBELIEVABLE! I mean your eye for color is mind-blowing. My chest, Kathy, I can’t even see the big circle scar at the top without putting on my reading glasses and looking for it. Thank you for giving me a chance to see what I look like without having to constantly see and repress and try to find myself pretty anyway – the biggest tragedy of my self-inflicted tortured teenager-ness. It used to be the only thing I saw when I looked in the mirror. You angel – you talented, talented angel!”
–Lynette Arber, Writer

“In addition to being an evolved person, great looking, a teller of good
stories, Kathy’s cosmetic esthetic is impeccable!”
–Kip Morrison, CEO/OwnerKip Morrison & Associates Public Relations

“The transformation you made to my eyebrows is dramatic. It not only gave me a beautiful eyebrow line, but it created the appearance of an eyebrow lift (minus the pain and expense of major surgery). Thank you so much, Kathy. I am thrilled with the outcome.”
–Carol Goldstein, Realtor

“I am so thrilled with my new permanent makeup. Twenty minutes have been taken off of my dressing time. It’s now wash and go!”
–Bunny Smith, Retired Executive

“I love waking up in the morning already beautiful and looking so natural.”
–Jayne Hildabran, Lawyer

“I tweezed my brows in my early teens and they never grew back. No more eyebrow pencils! Best of all, the color and shape are perfect, and I can go swimming without a worry.”
–Natalie Mendez

“No more embarrassing moments being caught without my eyebrows. Throwing away that eyebrow pencil was so liberating!”
–Jaime Rok, Teacher

“I love how my eyes don’t feel naked anymore. I’m an “on-the-go” entrepreneur and with my business my image is important. It’s nice to not worry all the time about my makeup. And the best part, when I do want to get fancier, I add to my existing eyeliner and it seems to last forever!”
–Carol Wilson, Business OwnerOpulent Treasures