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Brows can make or break the face. You can take a plain-Jane and truly make her attractive with the right brow enhancement. Kathy has had many clients come in that she turned away because they just needed the proper shaping. She has an extraordinary eye for bone structure and when and where to start the arch of the brow. EVERY client is different. Most clients have asymmetrical brows which is easily fixed with permanent makeup. Candidates for brows are: thinning brows, women with poor eyesight, chemotherapy patients, asymmetrical brows, pale brows, no shape brows, athletes, women who have no time and mostly women who want to have PERFECT brows when they wake up ’til they go to sleep!!! How liberating and what a confidence booster!

Kathy’s unique talents allow her to either apply brows manually with a hand tool or with a machine. All tools are sterile and disposable. In addition to the choice of techniques used, Kathy uses slightly different tones to add a more dimensional natural look.

There are 3 types of brow methods:

— The filled in powdery look
— The individual hair stroke method
— A combination of individual hair strokes & the powdered look

Clients come in with the brows penciled in the way they like, or Kathy assists them in finding the right shape. Then it’s numbing time, and onto the procedure room. Additional numbing agents are used throughout the process to ensure comfort. The client is constantly working with Kathy to get that perfect shape. An additional touch-up 2 weeks later is recommended for fine tuning.

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