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Eyeliner can be applied manually by a hand tool or with a machine. This is determined when the skin is evaluated by Kathy. All tools are sterile and disposable. Candidates for eyeliner are: eyes that appear too small, thinning or pale lashes, naked looking eyes, women with poor eyesight, athletes, women who want more time, women with allergies, and mostly women who want to look to look fabulous when they wake up until they go to sleep!!!

There are 2 types of eyeliner:

— eyelash enhancement which is applied in the lash line that pops the eye but is understated and very natural looking.
— eyeliner which is more defined, crisp and varied in thickness depending on the client’s wishes.  A more powdery look can be achieved as well.

Kathy does not do trendy eyeliner or colored liners. Her comfort zone is to enhance what is naturally there, and use earth tones for a beautiful natural look.

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