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This technique creates more defined, full, sensual lips. It gives the lips a plump and healthy appearance – not a lipstick look, but rather a stained full mouth. The results can be equal to what, in the past, could only be achieved surgically.

Candidates for full lip color are: asymmetrical lips, thin lips, aging pale lips, athletes that perspire, smoker’s lips. Most women are tired of reapplying their lipstick with hectic schedules. Many women are embarrassed after kissing, it’s off of your lips and smeared onto theirs! Men don’t like the taste of lipstick.The objective of tattooed lips is a 16 year old fresh looking mouth. It shouldn’t be a lipstick color, it’s more like a stained from the inside look.


Especially when making the lips fuller it’s always best to pick a natural fresh lip color. The skin on lips is not like regular skin, it’s mostly vascular so it holds color differently. Kathy asks that the client come in with the shape and color that she likes. The client then begins to numb and relax until the procedure begins. The longest part of the procedure is shaping and sitting up to ensure that the client, YOU, loves the shape. Numbing agents are used through the entire process. Kathy has had clients fall asleep during this procedure! Icing is recommended the first day. Lips are bright and dark until the 2nd day when they peel. An additional touchup a month to 6 weeks later is recommended for the desired result. Kathy likens it to a “watercolor wash” of color that builds up with the second touchup.

With your fresh new color you can wear gloss only or lipstick that seems to last all day!

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