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• Meet Kathy


I want to achieve and enhance a more beautiful you, with a look that is completely natural.

Kathy Confer

Kathy Confer began her career as a makeup artist for the film and television industries. Her talent in the makeup field was a precursor to her next career move when she became an acclaimed and award winning professional fine artist and sculptress.  With her special gifts Kathy then donned her business hat and became owner of Atelier, a West Side Art School.

Armed with these impressive credentials, as well as a desire to help others, Kathy became attracted to the field of permanent makeup, with emphasis on scar camouflage and, more recently, eyelash extensions.  With the same love and attention to detail applied to her fine art career, she turned her highly sophisticated and refined skill to the enhancement of clients via the application of permanent makeup, scar camouflage, and eyelash extensions.

Utilizing meticulous care, color expertise and cosmetic genius, in conjunction with the most modern application techniques, she creates the most beautiful results possible.  Kathy’s skill has distinguished her as tops in the permanent makeup field, and she is highly sought out by those wishing to improve their appearance, including professionals and non-professionals.


In collaboration with the head makeup artist for the first Twilight movie, Kathy’s artistic abilities were called upon to sketch makeup concepts for these characters using a watercolor medium.