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• What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a process of manually implanting non-toxic pigment into the dermal layers of the skin. This state-of-the-art technique is medically proven to be completely safe. Individually designed pigments are applied with disposable tools. Sanitation and safety are of paramount importance.

Naturally Beautiful Permanent Makeup Eyebrows Micropigmentation

Brow after healing.

Kathy is schooled in both manual and machine methods of tattoo. Depending on the client’s skin type and area will determine the “perfect” method to use.

Benefits of Permanent Makeup:

— Wake up looking naturally beautiful without makeup. Saves valuable time.

— Turns missing, ill-shaped, thinning and/or overgrown eyebrows into completely filled in and beautifully shaped brows.

— Enjoy sports activities without worrying about applying makeup or having it come off. Swim, jog, perspire, and you still look terrific.

— Permanent makeup can transform pale, uneven, or thin lips into attractively shaped, and naturally appearing full lips.

— Camouflages facial imperfections such as facelift and other scars. Conceals areas of missing pigment creating an unflawed appearance.

— Helps with medical hair loss disorders –such as alopecia.

— Permanent makeup will allow you to have the opportunity for increased freedom and confidence in yourself 24/7.