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Kathy Recommends: ZendyBeauty

Look Fabulous on your Own Terms

Enough with Livingsocial, now there’s! ZendyBeauty is an innovative platform that empowers you to look your best at prices you can afford. Easily save time and money by customizing real-time offers for top cosmetic procedures from Board Certified Providers in your community. Their patented technology pairs you with a trusted Board Certified Provider that can deliver the procedures you want, when you want them — at your price.

Pick your procedure, search your city, bid on your price and watch what ZendyBeauty brings you.

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In his many years of practice, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Vish Banthia has seen numerous patients who are ready to undergo a cosmetic procedure only to get deterred by cost.  “In many offices, price turns out to be the number one reason that patients don’t commit to moving forward with certain procedures,” says Dr. Banthia.  His growing awareness of these price limitations, coupled with his interest in health information technology, fueled the impetus to create a consumer-friendly platform that makes non-surgical cosmetic procedures accessible to everyone.  Thus, ZendyBeauty was born.


The process is easy and free: pick your procedure, then choose when you want it, where you want it, and submit an offer that reflects how much you are willing to pay for it. Once a customer’s offer is submitted, Zendy’s technology matches the offer with a local high quality Board Certified Provider. Unlike flash sale sites, there is no waiting for the right deal and no worries about the credibility of the provider.  The procedures offered on ZendyBeauty run the gamut – from popular facial treatments like Botox, fillers and microdermabrasion; body treatments including laser hair removal, laser vein treatment and non-surgical body sculpting; to the slightly more niche tattoo removal and nail fungus removal.  Forthcoming categories include teeth whitening, mole and skin tag removal and other standard aesthetic procedures.


“The real magic of ZendyBeauty is that we can help get customers great value on popular cosmetic procedures that actually work and provide benefits, without sacrificing quality. Daily deal sites may flash a great discount but there are downsides, as these types of services have no quality assurance mechanism, and moreover, these websites tend to drive cosmetic providers out of business because the deal site walks away with the profit,” says Dr. Banthia.  “ZendyBeauty provides a great solution for customers and reputable providers alike — we do the homework, and we help providers fill and optimize their available time slots without driving them out of business.”


To better accommodate customers who are booking appointments on-the-go, ZendyBeauty is introducing a mobile app later this year.


-Recommended by Kathy Confer, Professional Micropigmentation Practitioner; Naturally Beautiful Permanent Makeup 

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